5 Cozy Corner Must-haves

It’s important to create a cozy space for your guests to feel like they are at home. Think about what it is that you love most about your own home and try to incorporate it into your income property. Guests are more likely to leave a positive review and become a repeat guest if the space has that extra touch. Whether it’s a nook, a living room, a recreation room or an office space, make sure you hit these 5 must-haves to check off all the homey feels

1. A comfy accent chair

First, pick a chair that suits your decor. It’s okay to choose a colour or pattern that stands out, but make sure the details tie into the rest of the room. A chair with a high back, big arms and lots of sitting space is a plus for feeling comfy and cozy. If it reclines or has a matching ottoman – even better! 

2. Cushions

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? Cushions are a great way to spruce up your space and also add comfort for your guests. Mix it up with different coloured or textured pillows to add interest and dynamics to your cozy corner. One tip we have for pillows is to buy ones that have a zip cover for simple washing when needed.


3. throw blankets 

Throws are a personal favourite, however, they are one of the most practical items you can provide to your guests. Whether it’s the dead of winter or just a chilly evening, your guest will appreciate having a blanket within reach. They also provide the added bonus of making your couch or chair look and feel extra cozy. Just like cushions, you can spruce up your space with coloured or textured throws draped across your furniture. 

4. Natural light

Natural light is an important piece to any room. But if you’re looking to create the ultimate cozy corner, having the the warm sun shining in the window completes the entire experience. If you don’t have the luxury of a window in your cozy corner, try adding a cute lamp with a warm, natural light bulb – that should do the trick. 

5. Reading materials

Reading materials are a must in any income property. We recommend local literature like tourism or historical books, brochures, magazines, and a couple of Heather’s Picks novels from your local Indigo. Having a range of reading materials is great for your guests to pick up in the cozy corner while they have their morning coffee, settle down for the evening, or if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day. 


Enjoy creating your own cozy corner!