About Us

Marcy Mattinson

Marcy grew up in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where at every turn, there is a lake and a winery. These happen to be two of Marcy’s favourite things. 

In 2011, she ventured away from the small town and moved to the city of Ottawa, Ontario, where she studied her passions: Hospitality Management, Event Management and Property Management. 

Since 2011, Prince Edward County has grown enormously in the tourism sector. Short-term accommodations have become a fast-growing industry and Marcy saw an opportunity to dive into the business. She started off managing her parent’s home as a short-term accommodation in early 2019 and quickly learned all there is to know about being a successful host with many hours of research and troubleshooting. After one quarter, she was awarded Superhost status from Airbnb and has held that status ever since.

In January 2020, Marcy decided expand and offer STA management services to other property owners across Prince Edward County, Ottawa and beyond. She has gained a network of like-minded individuals and continues to thrive in the industry with a 5-star rating and an abundance of happy, returning guests.

In spring of 2023, Marcy relocated back to Prince Edward County to expand on the portfolio of properties and also the services offered to our clients and guests.