Netflix, Satellite, Basic Cable.. How do you choose?

Do you provide streaming apps for your guests to use during their stay? Or do you provide basic cable? Maybe both?

Some people think that travellers don’t watch TV or prefer to disconnect. And that is 100% true for some guests. But times are changing and the ability to conveniently watch your favourite shows on Netflix or Prime on vacation is a plus for a lot of travellers. Having Paw Patrol at the ready can put a little one at ease if they are homesick, for example.

We try to offer at least one streaming app and basic cable to make sure you can watch all your favourite shows, get the news and weather, and watch a movie in the evening or on a rainy day.

We recommend that you think about doing the same if you have a fully stocked short-term rental that is a regular home. The more amenities you have to offer, the more likely potential guests are going to view your listening and book.                   

But let’s say your short-term rental is a cabin in the woods or a glamping set up. Then what? Well it all depends on how you are marking your property. Is it off the grid? Is it a relaxation retreat? If you’re marketing your property along those lines, it may be less of a priority to offer all the streaming apps, or even TV at all because your guests aren’t looking for that amenity. 

It’s important to get to know what kind of property you want to offer, who it will attract and what they will want. 

So tell us, which apps do you offer and which ones are a fan fave?



PRO TIP: If you’re going to offer Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., on your Smart TV, make sure you set up a Guest account and Kid-Friendly permissions for ease of use.


For The Kiddos

If you’re like us, we get a lot of awesome family travellers with children of all ages. It is important to think about all members of the party to ensure they are well taken care of. Some things to consider for the parents and their kiddos: ⠀⠀


Safety First

You should be preparing your property to be healthy and safe for your guests but be sure to think about small children and remove or block items that may be more of a danger to them. ⠀


Outdoor Spaces

If you have a nice size yard at your property, think about providing a couple of items like a soccer ball, Frisbee or blowing bubbles. If you’re on the water, be sure to invest in a blow-up Flamingo, you can never go wrong with one of those!



If you have Netflix, users can switch to the Kid-Friendly mode and if you have Cable, it might be useful to provide a list of kids channels next to the TV for a quick reference.


Indoor Activities

For year-round travelers during the cooler months or rain days, it’s good to have a couple of board games, puzzles, a deck of cards, colouring pages and coloured pencils, etc., to entertain guests indoors when needed.


The Kitchen

Invest in a few plastic items for dinnerware to avoid any damage to your nice dishes and put your parent guests at ease.


Comforts Of Home

Keep a machine washable teddy bear handy just in case a little one forgets theirs at home. It could be the thing that gets them through their trip.


That Extra Mile

If families are your primary market think about offering some extra helpful items like a booster seat, fold-away change table or crib. The more you anticipate your guest’s needs, the more they will want to come back!

5 Cozy Corner Must-haves

It’s important to create a cozy space for your guests to feel like they are at home. Think about what it is that you love most about your own home and try to incorporate it into your income property. Guests are more likely to leave a positive review and become a repeat guest if the space has that extra touch. Whether it’s a nook, a living room, a recreation room or an office space, make sure you hit these 5 must-haves to check off all the homey feels

1. A comfy accent chair

First, pick a chair that suits your decor. It’s okay to choose a colour or pattern that stands out, but make sure the details tie into the rest of the room. A chair with a high back, big arms and lots of sitting space is a plus for feeling comfy and cozy. If it reclines or has a matching ottoman – even better! 

2. Cushions

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? Cushions are a great way to spruce up your space and also add comfort for your guests. Mix it up with different coloured or textured pillows to add interest and dynamics to your cozy corner. One tip we have for pillows is to buy ones that have a zip cover for simple washing when needed.


3. throw blankets 

Throws are a personal favourite, however, they are one of the most practical items you can provide to your guests. Whether it’s the dead of winter or just a chilly evening, your guest will appreciate having a blanket within reach. They also provide the added bonus of making your couch or chair look and feel extra cozy. Just like cushions, you can spruce up your space with coloured or textured throws draped across your furniture. 

4. Natural light

Natural light is an important piece to any room. But if you’re looking to create the ultimate cozy corner, having the the warm sun shining in the window completes the entire experience. If you don’t have the luxury of a window in your cozy corner, try adding a cute lamp with a warm, natural light bulb – that should do the trick. 

5. Reading materials

Reading materials are a must in any income property. We recommend local literature like tourism or historical books, brochures, magazines, and a couple of Heather’s Picks novels from your local Indigo. Having a range of reading materials is great for your guests to pick up in the cozy corner while they have their morning coffee, settle down for the evening, or if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day. 


Enjoy creating your own cozy corner!


What makes people click on your listing?

Do you know what makes people click on your property listing on booking search engines?


If you don’t, you really should. Knowing exactly what lures in potentials guests is key to sealing the deal.


Some things to consider:


Is the wording you use in your listing right? Does it really showcase your property? Can someone paint a picture with what you’ve wrote?

Have you thought about WHO your market really is? Who you are catering to and what brings them to the area?

What about your niche? What makes you stand out to your market among the rest of the listings?


These are just a few things you should think about to gain more clicks and more bookings!


The more you cater to your ideal guest and their interests, the more success you will have.


Not sure where to begin? Contact me and let’s see how we can help!


Be Your Own Guest

What’s that you say?


What does it mean to be your own guest? If you have a short term rental, cottage, vacation home, etc., we strongly recommend that you take a weekend or a couple of days to BE A GUEST! That’s right. Take a load off, pack a bag and check-in at your property.


The rules are this: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
1) only pack what you would pack if you were going to stay at someone else’s rental that you’ve never been to before. 

2) don’t go out and buy anything beforehand that you wouldn’t expect your guests to worry about running out to get.


The goal here is to learn what it is that your short term rental is missing or what is lacking in ease of use. Put yourself in your guests shoes with every task that you do, from running the thermostat to looking for an extra roll of toilet paper. If things are hard to find or figure out, now is the time to make changes and improve.


Another tip is to give a friend or family member a complementary stay at your property in exchange for their raw feedback. They will give you another prospective that will be even more constructive for you.


We recently stayed as a guest at our Oak Street Cottage property and we loved it! But we did notice some minor things that we have since corrected and added to. But if we hadn’t done that, how would we know what needed to be fixed, updated, corrected, etc.? Don’t leave it up to your guests to tell you what’s wrong. Get to it before they do and we can almost guarantee that your reviews will improve.


Tell us, have you ever been your own guest? ⠀⠀⠀



Guest Reading Materials 101

Reading materials are a must in any income property.

Many guests enjoy reading during their down time, so having something readily available that they can pick up and read while they have their morning coffee, settle down for the evening, or if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day will be appreciated. They can also be a great accent piece on a coffee table or provide information for your property’s community.

Below are a few of our reading material recommendations for short-term rentals:





Select a few recent editions of relevant content to your property’s area. If your area has their own tourism magazines, be sure to subscribe and keep those on hand. Whether it’s fishing, general travel, or cooking with wine, you can’t go wrong if it makes your guests envision themselves doing an activity nearby. ⠀⠀⠀



Pick up a couple of Heathers Picks from your local Indigo that your guests can crack open when they’ve put their feet up to relax for the evening. If they’ve forgot to pack their favourite novel or they finished theirs too quickly, having a back-up book goes a long way.


local literature

For example, a book on the local history or brochures on places or activities to check out nearby. Guests love to learn about the community they are staying in and if you can teach them a thing or two about the area with a coffee table book, you’re on your way to creating a repeat guest.


kids books

Whether it’s bedtime or a rainy day, having a couple of fan favourite children’s books are great to have on hand for your family travellers. Some kids love travelling and some can get homesick quite easily. So if you can make a little kiddo happy with a book to make them feel the comforts of home, then that’s a win. 


Do you provide reading materials for your guests? Let us know what you provide below!